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Below is a portion of the school that have trusted us with their Emergency Response Training. 

Emergency response programs

Emergency Response Planning

A strategic document that is a blueprint for a comprehensive emergency management program. The plan's approach is integrated in multiple phases such as mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. It is intended to contain critical procedures and protocols for emergencies and to assist in a fluid transition to restore services and implement recovery programs.

District Security Assessment

This comprehensive document identifies observable strengths, observable weaknesses and identifies recommended integration plans to provide administrative officials the tools they need to take effective action in securing their campus. The assessment includes the district layout subdivided by buildings and recommendations, focused on the overall safety and security, by subject matter experts.

Emergency Response Training
(Scenario based)

Conflicts that arise in schools need rapid and effective response from those in positions of authority. It is with this in mind that policy needs to be put in place and rehearsed for worst case scenarios such as an active shooter in the building of a school. The purpose of this program is to provide those procedures with the maximum amount of security and least amount of risk to all involved.

**Professional actors used, Law Enforcement led per POST Requirements**

administrative training

Administrative and secretarial staff must adhere to separate protocols and procedures during an emergency lock-down event. This program focuses specifically on the requirements and necessary procedures that allows those in charge with the highest probability to be the Victor during this conflict. It can also be a cost effective way to utilize a “train-the-trainer” program for the rest of your staff and faculty.

**Professional actors used, Law Enforcement led per POST Requirements**


American Mobile Training Solutions conducted our Intruder response training at Verona R-VII School District. They are a group of Veterans that have a passion for the safety of our communities and our schools. They coordinated their training with our local police department and local sheriff’s department. Their training is spot on.

We thought going into the training that we were well prepared for an intruder. After the training, we found that we have many things to work on to make us actually as prepared as we can be in the event of an armed intruder. We are scheduling a follow up training next year to re-evaluate our intruder response protocols. All schools would greatly benefit from this training no matter how well you think you are prepared. Thank you AMTS!
Tony Simmons
Superintendent of Verona R-VII School District
"American Mobile Training Solutions (AMTS) provided the Kirbyville R-VI School District with up-to-date statistics and research and actual hands on bus scenario training. The question and answer portions provided bus drivers the opportunity to give feedback and make suggestions in a relaxed atmosphere and contributed to the sharing of best practices. I would recommend AMTS and the customizable plans and options to any school district needing intruder and emergency response training for their employees."
Carless Osbourne
Superintendent of Kirbyville R-VI School District
I am writing in regards to the recent threat detection and active conflict courses that were administered by American Mobile Training Solutions.

Foremost, I would like to comment on your outstanding program. The program provided individualized instruction specific to our district, our personnel, and our overall available resources. The training and instruction proved to be informative and enlightening, as the thought- provoking material opened our eyes to evidence of needed revision and change to our current procedures and processes. The real-life scenarios enabled our faculty and staff to interact in an outstanding professional development activity, which helps to protect our most valuable resource in our children!Secondly, I would like to address the AMTS staff. Your instructors were not only professional and knowledgeable in the content, but most of all were approachable by faculty and staff. Their expertise combined with the willingness to interact with personnel created an outstanding learning environment for all involved."
Brian R. Wilson
Superintendent of Hollister R-V School District
This was better than I expected! I appreciate that it was a calm and reasonable approach instead of over the top fear tactics. You all were awesome! Thank you for making something very scary as calm as it could possibly be! Thank you!
Staff & Faculty
Hermitage R-IV School District
I believe the training session was very productive and informative. It certainly provided a good foundation and baseline from which to build upon, as our district advances toward becoming even more efficient in dealing with intruder situations.
Bob Walker
Former Superintendent of Southwest R-V School District